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Anatomy of a car's systems.
Drive Without Limits

The new platinum series radar detection systems give you complete built-in protection from speeding tickets. Drive your high-performance vehicle the way it was meant to be driven

Longe-Range Portable Protection

Ticket-Free protection designed with you in mind

Heart-Racing, Road-Hugging, High-Speed Joy

Only you know the concealed radar detector is there... and only when you need it.

You Drive the Best. You Expect the Best. We Deliver the Best.

Advanced Integrated Radar Systems

Simply put, our systems from K40 & Escort Radar are the most advanced radar detection and laser protection systems available today, and they’re completely customized for your automobile and the way you drive. Along with a great product, we offer professional installation into any vehicle. From your daily driver to your weekend exotics, a advanced radar protection system is highly recommended.

A few options we offer are:
– Integrated & stealth installation
– GPS to mark known locations to prevent false alarms
– Speed Camera notification
– The longest range available on the market
– Speed Monitoring with alerts
– Trained Installation Professionals
– Available in several configurations

Professional Installation by Trained Experts

Why Are We Experts?

One thing you will find here at SWC Audio is a collection of audio specific test tools. These tools allow us to examine the audio system using instruments instead of guessing with ones ear. This allows us to not only install the equipment you need, but also expertly tune your audio system with perfection.

You won’t find many shops with all of these tools, but we take pride in our work & understand the need for these to offer perfection in every audio system we come across!

Not only do we own thousands of dollars in tools, but we are trained in how to use them. The understanding of the audio electrical system in your vehicle is critical in the overall outcome of the installation. For anyone that still uses their “ears” to design a system, I ask one simple question…. When is the last time your ears were checked & are they perfect?  I highly doubt they are, actually nobody has perfect hearing.

This is the reason we invested thousands into our tools & we can achieve audio perfection every single time.

SWC AUDIO automotive, marine and powersports stereo shop.
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